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Parents who choose to end a marriage or a relationship in Corona, CA must be prepared to make difficult decisions about the custody of their children. Sometimes, whether the couple was married or not, a child custody case will emerge when the parents cannot come to an agreement about the terms of care for their minor dependents. Child custody disputes are often fraught with emotional and subjective responses that may not ultimately serve the well-being of the child.

Najera Law Group, P.C.: Child Custody and Visitation Law Firm

Najera Law Group, P.C., has over 19 years of experience helping clients navigate divorce, child support, child custody and visitation, and other family law disputes in the Corona, California, area. If you are attempting to navigate custody and visitation arrangements or craft a parenting plan, it is essential to seek a compassionate and dedicated attorney who can understand the unique needs of your situation and handle any details that may overwhelm you. With individualized attention, our firm can tirelessly advocate on your behalf to help you attain the custody and visitation plan you deserve.

Our team of attorneys, paralegals, and clerks have decades of experience between them and have fought and won cases for many families in need of child custody and visitation representation. Najera Law Group, P.C., can help alleviate the stress and demands associated with legal battles, especially ones regarding the care and well-being of children. Our team has the knowledge, the confidence, and the desire to help you succeed. Our personalized approach can ensure that we ask the right questions and allow you the space to voice your concerns and wishes to the fullest extent.

Child Custody in California

In a child custody case, a family law attorney can handle both types of custody, which are known as legal custody and physical custody. Both forms of custody are considered in family court, where the judge will carefully analyze the circumstances and specifics of your case. Once the judge creates a legally binding order concerning the custody of your child, both parents must follow this order exactly. If they fail to adhere to the terms of the custody order, severe penalties will ensue, and that parent could actually lose custody altogether.

Legal custody refers to a parent’s ability to make decisions for the child, and physical custody refers to the physical location where the children will reside and spend time with their family. Many parents worry about unduly disrupting their children’s lives with divorce and custody battles. This concern is understood by judges in Riverside family court, and the decision handed down must be painstakingly determined to be in the interest of the minors. Our firm can work with you to help secure the right custody and visitation decisions for your children and advocate for their well-being at all times.

Determining Custody

Judges must take into consideration several factors when making their decision and designing a legally binding custody order. These factors include 

  • The parents’ income
  • Their work schedule
  • Their criminal history if they have one
  • Their individual bond with the child or children
  • The needs of the child or children

The judge will be presented with evidence, which they must then carefully assess. They will also hear testimony from each side to determine if each parent is fit and able to care for their children. A joint custody order will allow both parents to share physical custody of their children. Legal custody may also be equally shared, even if the children do not spend the same amount of time with each parent.

FAQs About Corona, CA Child Legal Custody Law

Who Wins Most Child Custody Cases?

Most judges in family court will, if at all possible, award joint custody to parents so that the children can have a relationship with both adults and reap the benefits of regularly spending time and being cared for by them. However, mothers are generally awarded custody more often than fathers due to the fact that they are most often considered to be the child’s primary caregiver. They are usually seen as the parent who has been proven to consistently meet their children’s needs most of the time and also the parent who seems the most qualified to meet these needs. Mothers are also more commonly awarded custody of small children because they typically have a stronger bond with their mothers at a very young age.

How Do I Win a Custody Case?

Your first step is to find a trustworthy family law attorney who has excellent knowledge of state law and your local legal community. If you believe that your child will be safer, happier, and healthier with you than with the other parent, determine exactly why this is so, and your attorney can begin building your case. Take the time to examine your own behavior so that you can:

  • Ensure that you are on time for all meetings and court appearances.
  • Communicate civilly.
  • Protect your children from any arguments between you and your former partner.
  • Avoid abusing drugs and alcohol.

What Do Judges Look for in Child Custody Cases?

Judges will, above all, look for the situation that is in the interest of the child, even if it is not the one you prefer. However, judges also seek to afford children the opportunity to spend time with both parents, whether in joint custody or according to visitation agreements. Judges will examine your personal and professional life. They will check for criminal convictions, addiction problems, or financial constraints that will prevent you from caring for a minor’s basic needs. A judge will also communicate with the children to understand how they feel and if they have a preference regarding custody. They will observe whether the parents are able to be respectful and cooperative in their interactions.

Who Pays Attorney Fees in Child Custody Cases?

Both parents are expected to pay the attorney fees. It is advisable to keep track of any expenses related to the custody case, in addition to any attorney fees. If you feel that the other party may attempt to force you to pay their share, you will then be prepared to present this information to the court while they simultaneously take the interests of the children into consideration. Parents who lack income and the inability to afford their representation will have to prove so.

Najera Law Group, P.C.: Your Corona Child Custody Attorney

Your children’s safety, well-being, and happiness are important to us. You deserve legal representation with extensive knowledge about the California family code to help you navigate this trying time. Every case is unique, and we strive to offer a personalized and compassionate experience to benefit your family’s future. Contact us today for a consultation to find out how we can assist you.