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Family law cases can be extremely elaborate. Not only do you have to navigate grave changes in the lives of your loved ones, but you are also likely going to have to sort through heavy emotions. Personal feelings can sometimes cloud your judgment about family disputes, so it is in your interest to rely on a Temecula family lawyer to help walk you through this challenging period.

At the Najera Law Group, P.C., we have over twenty years of experience dealing with a wide range of family law cases in Temecula. Whether you need a lawyer on your side during heated divorce negotiations or want trustworthy, individualized guidance while you get a restraining order, we are here to put your needs first. Let us handle the technicalities and tough negotiations so you can keep your focus on taking care of yourself and your loved ones amid serious change.

What Is Family Law?

The term family law refers to a broad category of legal issues. Any issue involving domestic relationships and family connections falls into this category. For example, if you need legal guidance with any of the following situations, your case falls under the large umbrella of family law:


Separating from someone you were seriously involved with is never easy. It can get even more complicated when you are married, as this means you will have to navigate the sometimes tense, stressful path of property division.

You might think that you and your partner can decide how to split everything up without any legal intervention. However, it is always a good idea to have a legal professional on your side to protect your interest in case things get tense.

You should also seriously consider hiring legal support if you have a military divorce or your divorce involves dividing up high-net-worth assets, like bank accounts, investments, multiple real estate properties, and more. Your divorce lawyer can help you pursue divorce mediation, outline the tax implications of certain changes, and help protect your interests as you dissolve your marriage.

Child Custody

If you are getting a divorce and you and your partner share children, your situation can get even more complex and emotionally charged. If you cannot agree on how to split your time with your children, you will need to get a legal professional to make a decision for you. They can draw up a legal contract detailing visitation agreements and conditions.

When you have a legal professional assist you with the tricky process of child custody negotiations, you can work on keeping your children safe and well through a period of major change.

Child Support

In some situations, one party might have to pay the other party child support. Every family’s situation is different but, in many cases, the partner who makes a significantly higher salary or who spends less time with the children can expect to pay more. You will need to get in touch with a family law attorney if you:

  • Need to negotiate a child support agreement
  • Have to push back against child support requirements
  • Need help enforcing child support payments
  • Want to make adjustments to a child support agreement


When you establish paternity, it can have major implications for your child support obligations, child custody situations, and more. For example, if you establish that you are the father of your child, you can officially have access to information, such as your child’s medical records, that are only available to blood relatives. It can also help identify if someone has been wrongly named the father of a child.

Your family law attorney can help ensure that the rights of the father and the child are protected during this process and that the implications for child support obligations and custody are enforced.


If you are deciding to adopt a child, it can be a joyous time of transition and expansion for your family unit. Unfortunately, the process is also riddled with legal complexities and obstacles. These are intended to make sure that children are put with suitable families. When you hire a family law attorney, they can stand by your side in every step of the adoption process, from filing your initial paperwork to helping you prepare for your home inspection.

Domestic Violence

Some of the most difficult, emotionally charged family law cases involve situations of domestic violence. If someone in your household has or is continuing to abuse you, you have the right to request a restraining order and take legal action against that individual. Consulting with a family law attorney is often the easiest way to swiftly get an effective restraining order and pursue justice after such a horrible time.

On the other hand, if you have been served with a restraining order or a protective order, you might be confused about how this impacts you. Getting in touch with a family lawyer can be useful in this situation because they can ensure that you understand what this means and what rules you have to abide by as a result of the order.

Child Neglect

Another tragic type of family law case involves child neglect. If a parent or legal guardian does any of the following things, it can be considered neglect in Temecula: 

  • Does not provide the child with food, clothing, or shelter
  • Does not provide medication to the child or leaves them in unsafe situations
  • Leaves the child unsupervised and at risk of getting harmed
  • Fails to ensure that the child is regularly attending school
  • Does not care for the child’s emotional well-being

If you suspect that someone with whom you share custody of your child is neglecting them, then you should reach out to a family lawyer to get their take on the situation. On the other hand, if you have been accused of child neglect, you will need a family law attorney to review your situation and help you determine what your legal options are going forward.

Child Abuse

Another horrendous family law matter involves the abuse of children. There are several types of abuse that children might have to suffer through, and these will require the attention of the Temecula family court. Such behaviors include: 

  • Physical Abuse: This is causing physical harm to a child, including beating, hitting, slapping, punching, hitting them with objects, and more.
  • Sexual Abuse: Offenders will engage in sexual activities with a child or force them to perform sexual acts.
  • Psychological Abuse: This involves emotionally manipulating a child through methods like humiliation, degradation, and any sort of psychological tactics.

Modifying Agreements

Temecula family court takes agreements about issues like child support and custody quite seriously. For example, if you are legally required to make regular child support payments to a former spouse, it is going to be difficult to try and get out of this.

However, the court does recognize that your life circumstances might change, and there are some scenarios in which you can successfully modify an agreement. For instance, you might be able to make modifications if: 

  • Your income significantly changes.
  • You lose your job.
  • Your child’s needs change.
  • Your cost of living changes.
  • Your healthcare needs change.

If you want to use any of the above scenarios to make a case for altering an arrangement, you will need a family law attorney to help you. The right lawyer can collect all the paperwork you need to prove your point. They can also help you make your case to the court that the agreements should be altered. Without a family lawyer helping you with this, you might overlook some important evidence or fail to appear credible.

What Can a Temecula Family Lawyer Do for You?

No matter what type of family law issue you and your family are dealing with, you will likely find that it is overwhelming and confusing and that you need someone to stand up for you. If you want trustworthy, informative advice for your unique situation, and you want a strong, credible case for your needs, you have to reach out to a family law attorney.

Your family lawyer can help you in so many ways, including all of the following: 

  • Providing Personalized Advice: With emotions running high and confusion about your family’s future, you might be unsure what the right path forward is. Your lawyer can be a neutral third party who closely examines your situation and gives you advice about what decisions would be the most effective.
  • Collecting Strong Evidence: There are many family law matters for which you will need strong evidence. For example, if you want to prove that your child is better off in your custody than their other parent’s, your lawyer can help you compile evidence that helps prove that.
  • Helping Modify an Agreement: To make a strong case for any of the above changes, you will need to provide strong evidence that helps prove that they really did occur. The right family law attorney can help you secure this evidence and use it to make your case.
  • Establish Paternity: Your family law attorney can advise you about whether to establish paternity, help you go about establishing it, and help you use the results to secure child support payments and more.
  • File Paperwork: There are all sorts of papers and forms involved in the world of family law. Your lawyer can walk you through everything you need to fill out and tell you what information you will need to provide for your specific case.

FAQs About Temecula, CA Family Laws

How Much Does a Family Lawyer Cost in CA?

The cost of your family lawyer in California will depend on:

  • What legal services you need
  • How complicated your case gets
  • What the experience and reputation of your lawyer are

The more work your lawyer needs to put in to provide you with legal help, the more you can expect to pay. If your lawyer is well-regarded and has a proven record of helping families achieve their desired outcome, then you can expect somewhat higher fees than other lawyers.

Do You Need a Lawyer for Family Court in California?

While you do not technically need a lawyer for family court issues in California, it is wise to hire one if you want a good chance of achieving your desired outcome. Your family court attorney can help you navigate the complicated legal system for processes like divorce, adoption, and more. They can also help you gather strong evidence when making a point in cases like child custody or support. An attorney’s advice can increase your credibility in the courtroom.

What Does a Child Custody Lawyer Do in California?

Making child custody arrangements can be stressful and complicated. Child custody lawyers help parents with a variety of issues pertaining to custody arrangements. They can help provide legal advice when determining these arrangements and assist you in going through mediation or alternative dispute resolution. They can also help you fight for your desired outcome for visitation and parental rights by advocating for you in court.

Why Do You Need a Family Lawyer in California?

Without a family lawyer in California, you can find yourself overwhelmed with all the legal rules and regulations involved in family matters. Your family law attorney can give you personalized legal advice, whether you are:

  • Getting divorced
  • Splitting your property
  • Determining child custody arrangements
  • Thinking about adopting a child

An Understanding, Reliable Temecula Family Lawyer

If you and your family need legal guidance of any kind, our team at the Najera Law Group, P.C., is happy to help. We have been successfully assisting families in Temecula for over two decades, and we can compassionately and respectfully listen to your situation without judgment. We put our all into every case and are devoted to helping you achieve a positive outcome.

No matter what situation you and your loved ones are in, we can consult with you and determine the right options for your case. Reach out to our team today if you are ready to take some weight off your mind and consult with an experienced legal professional.